Expat Ramblings: I Make Lists

I love lists. They keep things in order, they’re neat, and they make me more efficient (sense a theme there?). But most of them merely serve to illustrate the state of my mind at any given time. Read More Expat Ramblings: I Make Lists

TDG: 3/9 (And Trivia Answers)

Good Morning all!  I don’t know about your part of the world, but I am looking at the start of a nasty, rainy, flood-watchy kind of day.  And of course there are errands to run.  Le sigh.  So to brighten my day, and maybe start yours off right, here’s some YouTube Goodness: Read More TDG: 3/9 (And Trivia Answers)

Live Blogging Apple’s Big Announcement

Apple is making a big announcement concerning iTunes today, right as this post goes live.  I’ll be gathering the scoop and will update the post as new news becomes available.  My wishlist includes updates that don’t require an entire 80mb build, the ability to more easily back up (and not delete everything from) my devices and an interface overhaul

What it’s likely to be is a new subscription music service like Rhapsody.  So we’ll see, and I’ll keep you updated.

Aaaaand all that hype because you can download the Beatles.  Worst. Liveblog. Ever.