Recap: Being Human, Episode 3.07, “Though the Heavens Fall”

Our flashback opens twenty years ago. Herrick certainly knew how to run the dog fights better than anyone we’ve seen. There are balloons, he’s dressed as a ringleader, it’s very circus-like. In the cage, a man in a suit cowers in the corner as a naked man lays in the middle of the floor, dead. Herrick is at a loss because this is just so unusual. We see that the man in the suit is McNair. They put him, an ordinary human, up against the werewolf and somehow, McNair won. Herrick acknowledges that it’s a lot to take in, realizing that monsters are real and humans are just allowed to exist in their world. Herrick is impressed with the man and his ability to survive unharmed. McNair says that he wasn’t unharmed as he shows Herrick the scratch. “Oops,” Herrick replies as he starts laughing. Continue reading