News in Europe: Milkmaids Everywhere

Citizens! What a week! There are a lot of (rather grim) news items, so let’s hear them. Read More News in Europe: Milkmaids Everywhere

Your Weekly European Roundup

This week, more often than not, I was incredibly angry with what is going on in the world. Denmark wants to put border controls back up ““ oh, and they also want to cherry-pick immigrants and an opposition leader and his wife were sentenced by court in Belarus. Luckily, things like a beard world championship and the Eurovision Song Contest could make me smile a little.

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Weekly European Roundup

This week, Spanish police discovered hundreds of pounds of explosives and bomb making equipment, Armenia sets its sights on turning out the best chess players ever, and a Finnish poll shows a number of disturbing trends. We also have royal business, opinions on how France’s veil ban ties into recent revolutions, and a Danish Elvis fan who took things to the extreme. Lots to enjoy on this week’s version of European Roundup. Read More Weekly European Roundup

Your Weekly Europe Roundup

It’s been a busy week in Europe. Germany and Italy are fighting about refugees, a Danish court lifts patient confidentiality, free press is still no reality in Belarus and more.

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Your Weekly European Roundup

Hello again!

Euro Persephone here with all of the latest news and information from across the pond. This week includes the shocking revelation that Hamlet was not actually Danish, a discovery that ancient Spain took part in ritualistic mushroom trips, and the former French President Jacques Chirac is set to stand trial. Replete with links and alphabetized for your pleasure, do enjoy this week’s European news roundup: Read More Your Weekly European Roundup