Selling in a Buyer’s Market

Nearly nine years ago, my husband and I purchased our “starter home”. Nine years and two kids later, we’re still in our starter home. Read More Selling in a Buyer’s Market

NaNoWriMo: Live Blog

It’s been a few years since I participated officially, but I’ve always played along at home.  This year, to try a twist, I’ll be writing my piece right here.  Suddenly, I feel a little naked.   Writing without a net can be pretty exciting, so let’s see what happens. Read More NaNoWriMo: Live Blog

The Other F-Word

Finances. Unless you’re in the financial industry, you probably hate dealing with finances, period. But you probably hate even more to discuss those finances with your significant other. As I’ve watched my friends join me in coupling off, I’ve noticed that one of the hardest things for couples to figure out is how to warm up to the concept of “our money.” Read More The Other F-Word