Birth. Stories. Horror. Power.

Stories matter. They are one of the fundamental ways in which we learn. In pregnancy and childbirth, “horror stories” are to avoided. To be ignored. To be drowned out by the empowered. Why does empowerment need to come at the exclusion of a whole spectrum of knowledge? Read More Birth. Stories. Horror. Power.

Birth. Trauma. Rape. Compassion. Healing.

Last time I put my first birth experience into words, I had been sitting at the top of our stairs. It was some time after 5am. I hadn’t slept at all and instead, I was watching the sky change colour through the skylight. I had a pen beside me and an old envelope, I think. The back of it covered with scribbled notes. Read More Birth. Trauma. Rape. Compassion. Healing.

Why Chiropractic?

In February, Mr. Dormouse and I moved. On top of moving, we were also working our full-time day jobs, working a secondary part-time job, and putting in volunteer hours at our new church. One evening, we got home, and my neck started killing me. I figured I had strained something in the moving and extra hours at work and didn’t think much more of it. The pain wouldn’t go away. Read More Why Chiropractic?

Birth. Trauma. Rape. Compassion.

[Editor’s note: Trigger warning for frank discussion of sexual violence.]

In less than three months’ time, my son will be five. It will be five years since I gave birth to him. Five years since my husband and I cried with joy as he was laid on my chest. Five years since one of the most traumatic experiences of my life.

Read More Birth. Trauma. Rape. Compassion.