Science News Roundup: 7/24/12

Welcome back to your weekly installment of science news! We’ve got massive storms on Saturn, Neanderthals in need of a good flossing, a medieval brassiere, baby manatee kisses, and some guys voluntarily standing under a nuclear explosion. Seriously. Read More Science News Roundup: 7/24/12

What You Need to Know About BPA

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been in the news a lot lately and is found in a surprising number of products we use in our daily lives. Canada, the European Union, and some states and municipalities in the US have banned its use in products for babies and small children, but many people insist that it’s perfectly safe. Should we avoid it, or have the dangers been greatly exaggerated? Let’s take a closer look. Read More What You Need to Know About BPA