Brought to You by the Letter W

As you may have noticed, for today’s Blog Action Day, we’re talking about water consumption and the limited availability of safe drinking water in many parts of the world. When I was a little girl growing up in a mid-sized city in a well-developed country, I was fortunate enough to be indoctrinated by my beloved Sesame Street that I should not waste water (water water water water water). Read More Brought to You by the Letter W

The Luxury of Clean, Safe Water

This morning was like any other weekday morning of late. I woke up to my toddler’s request of “Milky! Movie! Milky! Movie!” and stumbled downstairs to comply. I poured my son a cup of rice milk (water-based), set the coffee pot to brew (6 cups of water), and turned on the TV. Read More The Luxury of Clean, Safe Water

Water is Life

Growing up, you may have learned in health class, or maybe a Boy or Girl Scouts trip, that you can survive much longer without food than without water. There’s a reason for that. There’s a reason why simple tips on improving your health usually include drinking more water. There is a reason why scientists get so darn excited when we find water, or evidence of past water, on other planets: it’s because nothing we know of can survive without it. Water is life. Read More Water is Life

Baby Steps for Reducing Your Water Footprint

Everything we eat and buy, and all the power we use takes a significant amount of water.  Most of us reading this blog are fortunate enough to live where we have access to as much fresh, safe water as we need.  Women in underdeveloped nations struggle daily to gather clean, safe water for their communities.  We can help improve the living conditions for these women and their communities directly, by donating to Blog Action Day with the widget, and indirectly, by using water responsibly. Read More Baby Steps for Reducing Your Water Footprint

#First World Problem

#Firstworldproblem that’s the hashtag some Twitter friends use when they complain about something like “Gah! My iPhone isn’t syncing!” #firstworldproblem
“Forgot my laptop at home, can’t log in at Starbucks like I was planning” #firstworldproblem
“Doh! The store is out of  {insert fav treat here}” #firstworldproblem Read More #First World Problem