Women in Academia: Earnest Job Talk

I am maybe breaking one of my rules today. I am very, very sorry about this, but I am going to reference work done at one of the blogs at the journal Nature. Why am I so sorry? Because I am not sure that this information is freely available to people without a subscription and I hate talking about something not everyone has access to. Really, if you cannot access it, you have my most sincere apologies. But this article is just that valuable. Read More Women in Academia: Earnest Job Talk

Live Blog of the Grammy Red Carpet and Awards!

This is a reminder for you all to tune into the live blogging of the Grammy Awards and the Red Carpet. I will be live blogging and relaxing, so tune in!

You will all have to bear with me on this momentous occasion as it is my first live blog! Yay! Get ready to get the party started at 6 ET/5 CT. I will be starting with E!’s coverage of the Red Carpet then moving onto the Grammy’s themselves.

See you there!

Image via techh.com

Get Out And Vote, Bitches!

You’re grounded from this blog until you do!   Good morning, readers! We’re headed out to make a difference with our ballots, so we may be a little off on the schedule this morning.  We’ll make up for it with an awesome afternoon .   Now go vote! (Unless you’re an international reader, in which case make yourself at home in the archives.)