Don’t Overestimate What You Can Do Today

Monday motivation, or all over the place? I remember reading an article a little while back discussing what is known as the Planning Fallacy, or, in other words, mistakenly assuming that you can get way more work done than you are consistently capable of. Read More Don’t Overestimate What You Can Do Today

Stumbling Upon Food

I’ve recently taken to cruising through StumbleUpon during my moments of boredom or random down time. It’s not a bad way to see the Internet, really. When I opened my account, I typed in a few categories that I figured would be interesting to me, including the following: “food.” I had no idea that such an innocent four-letter word could be such a landmine. Read More Stumbling Upon Food

What’s the Point of Food Blogs?

I love the proliferation of food blogs. There are recipes and posts that cater to every taste, whim, creative impulse, ethical choice, and allergy. There are blogs that give history and context, others that focus on perpetuating an aesthetic, and still others that just care about the nitty-gritty of cooking. It leaves me wondering – what makes a food blog compelling? Read More What’s the Point of Food Blogs?

This American Overshare

One of my favorite things to do at work is to turn on an episode of This American Life, and tune everything else out while I work on whatever task is at hand. As you can probably imagine, this has resulted in my burning through a pretty generous number of the popular podcast, and developing a strange affinity for Ira Glass (but that could be another post entirely).   Read More This American Overshare

Constant Comment

Hands typing on a white keyboardAs a blogger, I’ve spent a lot of time thinking about what kind of measures I want to use in order to determine how well I’m writing.  Number of pageviews? Trackbacks? Comments? A few months ago I found myself getting so obsessive about my blog’s stats that I had to implement a procedure that would prevent me from looking at them. Since eliminating that evaluative criterium from my list, I moved on to fixating on comments. Specifically: what could I do in order to generate more of them?

Read More Constant Comment

Communication, the Digital Way

I liken the Internet to a huge mall full of stores and kiosks peddling every single item you can think of to a never-ending supply of customers. I bet the entrepreneurs looking to make their millions through this medium share my vision.   But one thing baffles me. Read More Communication, the Digital Way

Live Blog of the Grammy Red Carpet and Awards!

This is a reminder for you all to tune into the live blogging of the Grammy Awards and the Red Carpet. I will be live blogging and relaxing, so tune in!

You will all have to bear with me on this momentous occasion as it is my first live blog! Yay! Get ready to get the party started at 6 ET/5 CT. I will be starting with E!’s coverage of the Red Carpet then moving onto the Grammy’s themselves.

See you there!

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