PoC News in America

Did you have a great Valentine’s weekend? Before we get into the news, let’s take a minute to appreciate this bit of adorableness courtesy of Blue Ivy and Beyoncé. Read More PoC News in America

PoC News in America

Happy post-Halloween hangover! Have you lost any of your favs to problematic Halloween costumes? Have you gained any new favs? Let’s jump right in!

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In “Health,” How Far is Too Far?

Earlier today I read an article on Blisstree that delineates Beyoncé’s post-baby weight-loss routine. It’s centered around 4-hour workouts, involves living with her personal trainer, and represents how far our culture has taken its obsession with being thin. Apparently, B’s got 40 pounds to lose and she’s looking to meet her goal before April rolls around.

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