Vegetables and Frappuccinos

It seems that there are only two types of fat people we get to see: the stereotype of the lazy fat person who eats a lot and never exercises (the “bad fatty”), or the fat person who works out hard and eats foods commonly accepted as healthy, but just doesn’t lose any weight (the “good fatty”). I’m sure people exist who embody these two tropes, and there is nothing wrong with that — I’m not here to tell anyone how to live.
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Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Nothing tops last week’s otter, but we found fun links this week anyway.

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This Week in Misogyny: Exasperated Sigh Edition

The exasperating thing about collecting links for this particular roundup is that one does not even have to try that hard in order to see stories that fit right into the subject of “WTF is up with this treatment of women?”

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Feminist Insecurities: Style Edition

I wish I could say that I was bold enough to be that feminist who doesn’t give a damn what people think. I wish I could be that proud woman who wears exactly what she wants, no matter how society says she looks, who ignores the stares or the raised eyebrows. I wish I could stop imagining the judgmental glances where there are none. Is the secure, confident, wear-whatever-you-want feminist just a myth of popular blogs, zines, and Tumblr? Read More Feminist Insecurities: Style Edition

Good and Horrible Doctors I Have Known

The other day a friend told me about a doctor who wouldn’t give him a referral for a vasectomy. Instead, the guy gave him a talk about how he was Catholic and had eight kids and it was great. When my friend’s wife wanted to get her tubes tied after giving birth to her second daughter, the hospital wouldn’t do it because they were Catholic, too.

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How Cosplay Helped My Body Image

[TRIGGER WARNING: Eating disorders and related thinking and behaviors.]

If you had asked me three years ago to put on a skintight leotard and a pair of tights and then go to an event with thousands of other people, I’m not sure if I’d have laughed at you or thought you were playing some sort of cruel joke on me. I sure as hell wouldn’t have believed you if you told me that three years down the road it would be one of my favorite ways to spend my time. Read More How Cosplay Helped My Body Image

In Which I Object To Objectifying Men’s Bodies

For the past week or two, my tumblr dash has featured a steady parade of .gifs of Olympic male swimmers and gymnasts, plus male athletes photographed mostly nude for various publications. That’s a change from a normal week, when the women I follow post revealing .gifs of actors. Once, an individual shared a shirtless, headless photo of the guy she was going to hook up with later. Read More In Which I Object To Objectifying Men’s Bodies