Middlemarch Madness: Year Two

Hello, my favorite Internet readers! Some of our old-timers are probably pretty excited by the title of this post, because we take our books very seriously around here. For our new friends, you’re probably wondering what the hell Middlemarch Madness is. Don’t worry, we’ll get you all caught up.  Read More Middlemarch Madness: Year Two

5 Books with Slay Belle

Slay Belle is another Persephone veteran, she’s been a reader since the first day, and our beloved comment moderator since shortly after. Slay has long been one of my favorite online people, and I think you’ll really enjoy her answers to 5 Books.  Read More 5 Books with Slay Belle

Middlemarch Madness: Our contestants!

The contestants are getting ready for their duels to the death (not really, just championship) and you, dear readers, should be getting ready to defend them!

Read More Middlemarch Madness: Our contestants!

Middlemarch Madness: Prologue

While chatting in email with Meghan, we stumbled upon an idea we think you’ll love as much as we do.   March is the month of brackets, as everyone who loves basketball, cake or pie knows.  As we lean more towards bookish than sporty and we have a collective unconditional love of all desserts, we’re trying something different. Read More Middlemarch Madness: Prologue