What Would We Do if We Weren’t Afraid?

It seems there’s a movement going on that is pushing people to take risks and prioritize for their own happiness. Folks are changing jobs, opening their own businesses, and moving to new places to start over and find joy. I don’t know if this is happening just to people in my circle or if it’s a larger trend, but the word has been that the slow economy has held people captive in jobs they don’t enjoy for long enough and they’re ready to take a risk and move on. I would like to join this movement.

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In With the New


Whenever I have an event to attend or a trip that I’m taking, I always feel a need to buy some new article of clothing before I go. Thinking about what I’ll wear for the event or the traveling, I find myself completely dissatisfied with the contents of my small, but full closet and have to add a new dress, a whole new outfit, or hell, even just a new pair of socks that realistically, I don’t need. I’ve heard from friends that I’m not alone in this, but I don’t understand it. Continue reading

First Daily Goodie of the New Year

Welcome to the first day of Persephone Magazine in the New Year! We’ve been working hard upgrading the site and we hope you like it.  Let us know and register to become a commenter while you’re at it.

Today’s Daily Goodie is pictures of New Year’s Eve celebrations around the world.  In my house, there’s a possibility that we were too engrossed in The Millionaire Matchmaker and didn’t look at the clock until 12:01.  Oops.  I made up for it by looking at all of these pictures on Boston.com.  Here were a few of my favorites: Continue reading