You Gotta Do It Big Time (Rush)

“They let a cow loose in the Palm Woods.”

So begins last night’s text conversation with my sister. I typed the only logical reply:

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Late ’90s Pop Trends I’m Secretly Nostalgic For*

Disclaimer: I am not saying any of these trends were ever actually good, but they do warm the cockles of my adolescent heart. And if you want to bring bulletproof-style vests (a la B4-4) back, who I am to judge? Read More Late ’90s Pop Trends I’m Secretly Nostalgic For*

TDG: Sparkles!

It may surprise you to learn that quite often, the Persephone staff meetings (which take place over email and not in the Dream Office that’s in the works) contain some mention of sparkly things. Read More TDG: Sparkles!

Lunchtime Poll 12/9: BYOBoy Band

For today’s lunchtime poll, we’d like you to assemble your ideal boy band.  Keep in mind, boy bands are not only the playgrounds of the young.  When old musicians do it, they may call it a supergroup instead, but the idea is still the same.  Cases in point, Velvet Revolver and The Traveling Wilburys.  Each band will need 3 or more members, can be assembled from any genre and made up of any musicians you’d like, dead or alive.   Wow me with your potentially chart climbing crooners, and you get bonus points if you give the group a fantastic name.

Art or Not?

While traveling the web I often stumble upon arguments debating whether some object or media is art or not. Most of the time the arguments appear over a commercialized product be it a novel, music or video games. I’m sure everybody heard or said at least once: “They just do it for money” and sometimes something stops being artistic enough to be considered art, simply because someone doesn’t like it anymore or too many variations exist on the idea of it. Read More Art or Not?