Alternate Explanations and Other Considerations

From a discussion of why scotch smells like Band-aids (hint: look at the phenols!) to a very timely exploration of the bacteria living on the vagina (am I allowed to use that word here, or will some Republican politician come at me for being vulgar?), this week has shown itself to be a particularly good one for science articles. But it was not all fun and vaginas; a few articles this week highlighted the importance of really considering alternative hypotheses. Read More Alternate Explanations and Other Considerations

This Open Thread Wants To Get Inside Your Brain

It’s the last post of the last day of March and it’s time to get your chat on.  To get us started, take this totally weird and totally accurate personality test that was going around tumblr today.  How do those random questions lead to a conclusion that knows me so well? Talk amongst yourselves and I’ll see you in the comments!

And don’t forget to check in tomorrow because we have a bunch of exciting news that’s been in the works for a while and we can finally reveal!

Lunchtime Poll – 1/26

I’ve got food on the brain this week, so this is a spin-off of Sara B’s Monday poll about what foods you’d have to be stranded on a desert island before you’d eat.  It’s also related to my recent discovery of new foods that are expanding my edible horizons.  The question is: What is a food (or foods) that you used to hate, or never tried because you thought you wouldn’t like it, and now you love?  My big one is avocado.  I always thought I would hate it until a friend made an avocado salad, which I ate to be polite. and it turns out is delicious! I also have recently introduced fresh edamame into my life and I recently tried hummus which I had always been opposed to but is actually not too bad.

So how about you? Anything you have totally changed your culinary tune about?

Gorgeous Alaskan Belly Dancers Wish You a Happy Wednesday

Good morning!  Only three shopping days left before Christmas, so we’re keeping it mellow and full of wordy comfort food for your brain today.  We’ve got a few articles on books, food and fashion so snuggle in with a cozy quilt and a cup of something hot, we’ll help you forget about the tizzy surrounding the holidays for a little while. Read More Gorgeous Alaskan Belly Dancers Wish You a Happy Wednesday

Lunchtime Poll 10/26

Hi, all. It’s Tuesday, it’s lunchtime, and it’s almost Halloween! All good things. Hattie here with a lunchtime poll straight from my narcissistic brain: if your life were a reality show, would anyone want to watch it? Would you?

I’ve asked myself this question many times, and I know MY answer. But I’d like to hear yours! Bonus points if you elaborate on what the story arc would be or what the images of you would be in the opening credits. This is kind of like JJ Abrams day, but instead it’s Bunim-Murray day.