Book Review: “Brilliant Bread” by James Morton

My cookery books have been gently been growing in number over the years, but as of a couple of weeks ago, I still didn’t have one that was dedicated to bread. Read More Book Review: “Brilliant Bread” by James Morton

It is Almost Thanksgiving!

Ah, one of the most wonderful times of the year is finally almost upon us. Like a lion, shaking its butt in a stealthy manner while preparing to spring upon the (I’m assuming) delectable haunches of a gazelle, I am wide-eyed with anticipation of a four-day all-out food fest. Ideally, I’d be hanging out with my sister in some sweatpants while trying to make garlic knots get out of my dreams and into my mouth, but since time off and airplanes do not grow on trees, that can wait until Christmas, which honestly is a much more family-oriented holiday in my world anyway. But enough with the sentimentality and on to the food. Read More It is Almost Thanksgiving!

What to Do With Egg Yolks

“Separate the egg white from the yolk.” Sounds familiar? Had it with being stuck with egg yolk because your recipe doesn’t ask for them? If I have my knowledge of Persephoneers right, I know that they don’t like to waste anything. Therefore, some suggestions of what to do with your egg yolk.

Read More What to Do With Egg Yolks

Beer Bread!

This post all came about because of a misunderstanding. I misheard some comment – it does not matter what was said right now, and let me assure you that the mishearing was awesomer than the original – and my mind took the jumble of sounds and turned them into “beer bread.” Well, what a delicious mistake my mind made. Read More Beer Bread!

Focaccia with Zucchini and Tomato

Focaccia is about the only bread I have patience for. This is a personal failing, I am sure, and maybe with years of work and effort, I will work my way to making all sorts of bread regularly and with vigor. I have written about focaccia on here before, but this one comes with a lot more toppings. Read More Focaccia with Zucchini and Tomato

Granny’s Guide to Foodcrafting: Making Your Own Sourdough Starter

Back in ye olden tymes, yeast was harvested from the air by fermenting flour and water together in a jar and replenishing it as it got used up. This “sour dough” was carried carefully when moving, protected from extreme heat and cold, and carried a taste all its own. It’s why sourdough bread from San Francisco tastes different from sourdough bread from somewhere else. When you craft your own sourdough starter (also called a mother sponge) you’re harnessing the native yeasty beasties in your habitat to burp and raise your bread. Pretty cool, if you ask me. Read More Granny’s Guide to Foodcrafting: Making Your Own Sourdough Starter

Rosemary Focaccia

Brr! There’s a chill in the air. OK, in my part of the world, there is no chill in the air, yet, but since their air conditioner settings at my place of work haven’t quite caught up with the slightly cooler temperatures, there’s a definite chill inside. Nothing would warm me up faster than a nice, hot piece of bread (possibly dipped in something even hotter) and so that’s why I’m on the focaccia train today. Read More Rosemary Focaccia