Hot Right Now: Color Blocking

Color blocking: Creating an outfit by putting blocks of solid colors next to each other. Interesting geometric designs are a major focus of this spring’s color blocking. This can be achieved with the help of clothes, shoes or accessories, which are all coming in color block patterns this season. Color blocking doesn’t have to be bright fluorescent colors, it can be accomplished with monotone, bright colors, muted colors, contrasting and complimentary colors.

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An Ode to Sneakers

I’ve never been into fashion. It’s not that I don’t appreciate its aesthetic or cultural value; I just have never been good at picking out clothes and putting an outfit together. I blame an incredibly easy 80s childhood. I liked bright colors and anything with animals on it, and my mom picked out my clothes every morning. It wasn’t until middle school that I suddenly had to get rid of all my neon and puffy-painted items and upgrade to something grown up”¦like flannel shirts. (Sigh.) Read More An Ode to Sneakers

Holiday Polyvore Outfits: Mercedes, Gloria, and Annie

Season’s Greetings! I just spent an unspeakable number of hours drooling over Polyvore, which I’ve decided is the adult, digital equivalent of dressing up American Girl dolls. There is no other explanation for how entrancing it is. Because I’m weird, I created holiday party outfit sets for three of my favorite television characters. I took quite a bit of artistic license, but all in all, I think these collections somewhat capture the spirits of their muses. Read More Holiday Polyvore Outfits: Mercedes, Gloria, and Annie