Ten Years On: Ben

It’s been ten years since I started my big foreign adventure. In this loose series, I talk to the immigrants I met in 2005 and those I’m only meeting now. They all tell me a bit about the changes that the last decade has brought for them. Read More Ten Years On: Ben

Expat Ramblings: Don’t Hide

Last week, the British Prime Minister gave a long-awaited speech on immigration. As with most long-awaited speeches, the lead-up in the press caused much more upset than the speech itself. In reality, David Cameron hinted at stricter rules for benefit caps for immigrants, and kept quiet about his earlier plans of putting a temporary cap on EU migration, something that would directly violate the EU principle of free movement. Read More Expat Ramblings: Don’t Hide

Expat Ramblings: Make This Your Home

Summer’s over, and I’m back in England after four weeks of touring the old countries. We returned to glorious sunshine, well-rested and happy kids, but still… Read More Expat Ramblings: Make This Your Home

We Need to Talk about Language Education

A truism: five-year-olds will never tell you what exactly happened in school that day. My daughter’s replies range from, “I forgot,” to, “X was mean to y, and then z got mad and I fell down and grazed my knee, but it didn’t hurt.” As for whether she learned anything, I can never be sure. But for the last few weeks, her replies to, “Did you do German?” have been a consistent, “No.” Read More We Need to Talk about Language Education

News Appetizers: Happy Place

Hey you guys, this week was kind of a thing what with the tornadoes and terrorism. But you know what? It’s Friday, and it’s a long weekend. So let’s catch up on the news and then go to our happy places.

Read More News Appetizers: Happy Place

Retro Recap: The Thick of It, “The Rise of the Nutters — Part Two”

As you may remember, last week’s recap took on the first half of “The Rise of the Nutters,” an hour-long special episode of The Thick of It. This week we return to that episode to see how Malcolm is faring with positioning himself for the change of government, how Ollie is faring with his girlfriend, and how Peter Mannion is faring at the immigration office. If you’ll cast your minds back to last week, remember that the PM is expected to resign quite soon and Malcolm is desperate to learn the date of his departure so that he can ingratiate himself with the new man at the top. In this second half of “The Rise of the Nutters,” we see that may be more difficult than he first thought.

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It’s Tea Time!

So I read Nichole’s “Cheering Brittana“ headline from my phone yesterday and thought it said “Cheering Brittania” and I got all excited that maybe we were going to be talking about tea and biscuits. Read More It’s Tea Time!