Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Anthony Weiner is the Congressional Representative for New York’s 9th District in New York City. He’s an unabashed Democrat and has been gaining notoriety lately for his caustic wit, snarky jibes, and fiery tenacity that he throws at the Republicans on a regular basis. Read More Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Obama vs. Obama

If you sniff around news blogs, rumors of “Obama’s 2012 comeback” or “Obama’s primary challenge” are starting to metastasize out of all the ugliness and criticism and backlash our dear President’s been facing pretty much since day one in the Oval Office. If you sniff around Fox News, the speculation tends to be shaped more by narratives of conservatism rising above evil sociofascism. So which is he? An overly idealistic rookie or a naïve, cocky socialist? A potential second-termer or a lame duck? Read More Obama vs. Obama