Knowing How to Make Crepes Will Impress Everyone

I know how to make crepes, like the real, authentic French kind; this is a fact that I reveal only to the trusted people in my close circle who won’t exploit me for this (welcome to my circle). I once made the mistake of volunteering to make crepes at a family holiday brunch years ago and ended up spending the entire time in the kitchen making batch after batch. My suggestion is that you use your newfound crepe-making skill sparingly and impress the hell out of close friends rather than 20 relatives, but, hey, do as you please.

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Brunchylicious Ham, Bacon and Cheddar Strata

This recipe is one of my absolute favorite brunch items. Every time I make it, it makes my house smell amazing and every time I bring it to a brunch, it gets devoured with rave reviews. Warning: graphic and delicious looking photos. Have a snack handy before reading full article. Read More Brunchylicious Ham, Bacon and Cheddar Strata

The Apocalypse Game

My roommate and I started playing the Apocalypse Game this past summer during the congressional standoff over the debt ceiling. I had driven her to the mall that Sunday afternoon to purchase a new camera for an upcoming trip, and she took me out for Chinese food as a thank you. I remember these details, because what ensued was a conversation on the crisis, which was just beginning to seep into the mainstream media, an explanation of the role and history of the debt ceiling, and a conversation about the role of the Chinese as creditors–which I later felt awkward about since we were the only patrons in the restaurant and I was sure the waitstaff was listening and thinking I was doing a poor job of summarizing the comparisons between the Chinese and American economies; this is the kind of thing I worry about when I speak in public. At the end of my explanation of the possible outcomes of United States default, stock market free falls, and the end of Western civilization, we paused, silent, chewing our scallion pancakes thoughtfully, then mutually agreed, only somewhat facetiously, that it would be a good idea to have a plan. Read More The Apocalypse Game

Bay-Area Brunch: Devil’s Teeth Baking Co.

Darlings, I have feelings. Strong feelings. About cinnamon rolls. They are usually positive, but highly opinionated. I visited Devil’s Teeth Baking Company in Outer Sunset here in not-so-sunny San Francisco with Mr. Bruiseday last weekend, and I think it was worth a revisit.

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Easy Sunday Brunch (and French Toast Strata Recipe)

One of my favorite things to do is throw a brunch. The first place I lived after my parents’ was a house with four other girls, two of whom loved to cook and entertain, so group meals and brunches became a regular occurrence. The participants would change over the years (hazard of living in a college town), but getting some friends together for breakfast and mimosas at the weekend remains one of my small pleasures. Many people are freaked out by the idea of hosting a brunch, thinking it too big or too complicated or requiring too much effort, but once you stop trying to be Ina Garten and just be yourself, you’ll love throwing brunches, too. Read More Easy Sunday Brunch (and French Toast Strata Recipe)

Daily Goodie: 2/8

I’ve got mimosa on my mind today — girlfriends are coming over to brunch today to celebrate our surviving four days of no school due to weather. Phew. Read More Daily Goodie: 2/8

Sunday Brunch with Tivo

Sunday morning was cold and gray around these parts, and I needed inspiration before I started running errands.  Rummaging in the fridge and scrolling through the Tivo Suggestions, I created a near perfect hour of weekend.   Read More Sunday Brunch with Tivo