Housekeeping: Registration Troubles

Hello, ‘sephies! When we did our most recent WordPress update, it killed the registration page.   We are working feverishly behind the scenes to figure out what went wrong, but in the meantime if you’d like to register for an account you’ll need to email one of the admins.  Read More Housekeeping: Registration Troubles

A Selena Open Thread Means One Thing

Erasure.  Tonight, Erasure + ABBA, which equals awesome to the awesome power, or as I like to think of it, awfinity.   Read More A Selena Open Thread Means One Thing

It’s Open Thread Time!

We made it through another fantastic day here at Persephone and we’re turning it all over to you to play in the comments. Various staff people will be around most of the evening, so we’ll get new commenters approved ASAP. I’ve seen a couple people I’ve had to approve twice, and I have no idea what the deal is there, but don’t worry if your comment doesn’t show up right away; it should only take a few minutes as long as it isn’t the middle of the night. Read More It’s Open Thread Time!

TDG 2/10: Love Stinks

In yesterday’s daily goodie, we explored all sorts of different kinds of love songs.  I was delighted by your responses, and spent a longer time than I’d like to admit clicking through all of your suggestions on YouTube.  Today we’re going to explore the flip side, and put together the ultimate Persephone Playlist for those who’ll be in the box wine and VD open thread with us on Tuesday. Read More TDG 2/10: Love Stinks

Wednesday Night Open Thread!

We’re packing up for the night so we can run the vacuum and hide the beer cans before morning.  Why, you ask? Our very own Teri’s post on synesthesia is being crossposted on MSNBC’s Body Odd blog first thing tomorrow morning!  YAY TERI! *UPDATE* That piece is now going to be running on Tuesday the 16th instead of tomorrow.  Read More Wednesday Night Open Thread!