Butt Boys: Sex on the Micro-side

A preamble, my lambs. Butt play for men is still a touchy topic. Nary will you see many straight men rushing to tell of their adventures with butt plugs, toys, and butt sex, much less the enjoyment that can come from it. Read More Butt Boys: Sex on the Micro-side

Butt Plugs for Beginners

Q: My boyfriend and I have already experimented with anal fingering and a bit of anal sex (me receiving for the anal sex part and us both receiving for fingering) we would like to try using a butt plug. How do you get started with them? Do you have any suggestions of types to try for beginners? Read More Butt Plugs for Beginners

A Wonderful Toy That’s Fun for a Boy

Q: Any recommendations on good sex toys for men who’ve never really used them before?

A: The first thing we can recommend is that vibrators aren’t just for vulvas anymore – in fact, even many of the ones made for lady-part stimulation can work just as well on boy-parts, Read More A Wonderful Toy That’s Fun for a Boy