News in Asia Is All Over

We’ve got a bunch of news and I’m going to try and cover as many countries as possible in this edition. Read More News in Asia Is All Over

News in Asia

Hello and welcome back, my fellow unicorns. It’s been a few weeks since I’ve last written this column, so instead of trying to catch up with everything, I’m going to just give updates on the most recent news developments and reference prior news as it is necessary. Also, please be aware that this column has trigger warnings for rape and violence. Read More News in Asia

Science News: 6/18/13

Welcome to this week’s installment of science news, where we’ll figure out the origin of mysterious Martian gullies, find a lost city in Cambodia, and get the latest updates on women’s health. Plus, pretty Amazonian birds! Read More Science News: 6/18/13

News in Asia

INDIA (AL JAZEERA) India’s ruling party stages pro-reforms rally seeking to defend moves to liberalise retail, insurance and aviation sectors. Sonia Gandhi, India’s ruling Congress party chief, and Manmohan Singh, the prime minister, are trying to gain support for controversial economic policies before the 2014 parliamentary elections. Read More News in Asia