Camp NaNo

Every November, I run a series of NaNoWriMo posts for Persephone, offering encouragement and accountability for fellow writers as we progress through the grind of National Novel Writing Month. The single unifying theme of these posts over the last four years has been one of ‘just write it;’ the single most important act of writing is getting your ideas down on paper. The language, the skill, the storytelling — all these are things that develop out of the practice of writing. You get better, but only if you start.

Then, for the next 11 months, I spend a lot of time not writing. Read More Camp NaNo

Camp NaNoWriMo — When November is Too Far Away

Remember November? Back when we were all very excited about banging out our NaNoWriMo first drafts and giddily* updating each other every week on our progress? Or were you on the outside, with your nose pressed up to the window going, “Seriously? November? November is really busy! When am I supposed to find time to write 1600 words a day and get an early start on my Christmas shopping? This turkey isn’t going to eat itself!” Read More Camp NaNoWriMo — When November is Too Far Away