On Grown-up Jobs

There’s no question that I’ve been feeling crappy about one of my current part-time jobs. It’s the job that’s been keeping me secured in school since it pays for my tuition. To some people, having this type of arrangement is ideal and would not warrant any complaining since, at the end of the day, school is getting covered. But I have come to a point where even that reason alone does not justify acts of borderline exploitation to be acceptable. A colleague reminded me the other day, that despite my frustrations, this is what “adults” do in the “real world.” Read More On Grown-up Jobs

How to Lead a Passionate Life Without Being Passionate About Your Job

I’m all about pursuing your passions. I mean, one of my passions is the idea that doing what you’re passionate about is possible! But with all the talk about doing what you love, it’s easy to get really caught up in figuring out a way to pursue your passion as a career. People worry that they shouldn’t do anything they don’t love because that basically negates the whole American dream. This is a nice idea, but it gets stressful really quickly because the fact is, our current economy means it’s just not responsible to be so picky.

Read More How to Lead a Passionate Life Without Being Passionate About Your Job

Women in Academia: The Two Body Problem

The two body problem ““ it sounds like it’d be a physics problem, right? Something to do with gravitational pull between two planets or other celestial bodies is what I think of. But, as people in academia know, the two body problem refers to the problem of relationships between professional academics. Read More Women in Academia: The Two Body Problem

Ask STFU Jezzies 3/3

I am running out of greetings for Ask STFU Jezzies….but, it’s that time again.  I just have one question today, but I think it’s one we can all identify with, so feel free to weigh in! Read More Ask STFU Jezzies 3/3