Caregiving: The Danger of Wishing

Wishes are something I have always been cautious of. I can’t offer one singular reason. It isn’t a fear of the supernatural, I don’t believe wishes are real. I don’t believe that by uttering the words, some force may impose good or ill upon me. I’m uncomfortable with them, nonetheless. Read More Caregiving: The Danger of Wishing

Caregiving: Pillow Talk

It’s been too long. Cushions everywhere and wrapped up in a blanket, I feel like I could sink into sleep far too easily. Come, it’s late, there are more blankets. Quilt, comforter, fleece, wool. Cushions and pillows, too. The blinds are down and curtains are drawn. There’s the patter of three sets of paws looking for supper. The hour is late and I can’t bring myself to climb the stairs to go to bed. To give in to the day’s aches as my head sinks into the pillow. I can’t. Not yet.

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Caregiving: Coconut Oil, Cats, and Yoga

There is a tub of coconut oil sitting on the kitchen table that I eye with suspicion whenever I pass, as if it might spontaneously start singing the virtues of a paleo diet or its virgin status. Why spontaneously, I don’t know. I wouldn’t want to deny the bananas nearby their chance as a warm-up act.

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