Vogue According to Shirley Bennett

Vogue magazine, never change. Usually their headlines are amazing, and this week, Community‘s underrated comedienne, businesswoman and mother, Shirley Bennett takes them to task.

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Why I Hate Carrie Bradshaw

I’ve recently been on a Sex and the City kick. It’s one of my go-to shows, kind of like Friends, Everybody Loves Raymond and Will & Grace – predictable, low-stress, mildly funny shows that cheer me up when I’m sad and provide me with much-needed stress relief. I call them my “fluff” shows, and I watch them when I don’t want to have to think. Read More Why I Hate Carrie Bradshaw

What’s Wearable in Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear?

Would that we were all so lucky as the fashion industry, that we could have Spring come in October. For those of us still in the midst of the Northeast winter (-11 this past weekend, y’all–NEGATIVE ELEVEN DEGREES FAHRENHEIT) there are several more months to go before we even think about breaking out the old peep toe sling backs, and maybe another couple after that before, and I speak for myself here, we even consider taking a razor to our legs for the sake of fashion. Read More What’s Wearable in Spring 2011 Ready-to-Wear?

Chasing Kanye in Prague

Every Mother’s Day, as a youngster in Philadelphia, my family would go to the Art Museum. We would bet on how many people we would see run up the steps and pose triumphantly at the top. I think the most we ever saw in the twenty-minute walk from our car was ten people making that climb. The image of the underdog boxer conquering those 72 steps is an indelible one. Read More Chasing Kanye in Prague