Morbid Curiosity: Cheese Candle

I’ve got a theory. I’ve mentioned it in a few Morbid Curiosity posts before, and on my own blog. My theory is that people who write cookbooks and recipe pamphlets are often bored out of their freaking skulls, and they entertain themselves by seeing how many strange foods and private jokes they can slip past their editors. I’m not judging them for it… it provides me with hours of entertainment (as well as writing material) and I’m 99.9% certain that I’d be trying to get away with similar hijinks if I were in their position.  Read More Morbid Curiosity: Cheese Candle

Morbid Curiosity: Vegetable Yogurt Salad

I am housesitting for my parents this month and so I have access to my mom’s cookbooks. One of them is a Jell-O cookbook that I fondly remember from when I was growing up. I’m not very old, (Bite your lying tongue! Thirty is not that old!) and I figured that recipes from my childhood would be free from the sort of inexplicable combinations that I’ve grown used to seeing in cookbooks published in the early 1960s.  Read More Morbid Curiosity: Vegetable Yogurt Salad

Morbid Curiosity: Cold Balls

In one of my cookbooks there is a whole section of recipes for “cold balls.” And, because I am secretly twelve years old, I snicker to myself every time I pass that chapter. But the more I flipped past that chapter, the more it taunted me. Why hadn’t I tried these recipes yet? Was I afraid? Did I dare? Did I have The Balls? Read More Morbid Curiosity: Cold Balls

Lunchtime Poll 10/25

Hey there! You’re almost halfway through Monday and look at you go! It’s time again for our lunchtime poll, wherein we beg our readers to jump into the action with us.  We work at home, we crave the companionship.   If you’re looking to the (groan-worthy) answer to Friday’s riddle, find it after the cut. Read More Lunchtime Poll 10/25