It’s Not a Sprint

I realized today that my daughter doesn’t know her left hand from her right. It doesn’t matter how old she is right now; just know that she is well past the age when most children have learned this. We have tried telling her that she writes with her right hand, but this doesn’t register with her at all. Now we are going to put some nail polish on one finger of her left hand so she can look quickly if she’s asked, or give her a pretty ring to wear on her left hand. Read More It’s Not a Sprint

Sunday Writing Challenge

Last week, we had the option of doing two different challenges. Some of you completed the second one immediately, much to my delight and surprise. Let’s review.

Challenge 1 was to write a minimum of 350 words every day. Challenge 2 was to share something you wrote, either from the photography challenge or another piece you were working on.  Several people were brave enough to either share links or post their work in last week’s thread – I highly recommend you check them out. Read More Sunday Writing Challenge

Sunday Writing Challenge

The first three weeks of this project have been aimed towards getting our word count up. As a recap, the first week was 1,000 words for the whole week, the second was 280 words a day, and last time it was 500 words a day. This week is a little bit different. First things first though – let’s check in. Read More Sunday Writing Challenge

Sunday Writing Challenge

Last week, QoB, challenged anyone who’d accept it to write a 1000 words in one week. They could be 1000 words about anything ““ a poem, some fiction, a short story, that paper you’ve been putting off doing. The point is to get us actually writing. Read More Sunday Writing Challenge

Positivity Challenge Week 1: Reconnecting With Your Empathy

Well, 2012 is finally here. The year of the end of the world, or just when the Mayans got tired of making calendars. Rick Santorum wants to take away your birth control. It’s prime Seasonal Affective Disorder time. Kim Gordon and Thurston Moore have split. Almost every country in the world is going through a financial crisis. There’s a chance that the November elections will have a very, very scary result. And…Matt Lauer might be leaving the Today show at the end of the year.

There are a lot of things bringing us down right now. Realistically, though, the world won’t be ending by Christmas, so the only way to combat all of the negativity swirling around you at the moment is to make a conscientious effort to bring in more positivity. While I’m by no means an expert in positivity, I have spent the last year trying to make myself more positive in ways big and small. The people around me can vouch for the success of my tactics (most of the time, at least). Every other week, I’ll talk about a specific aspect of positivity and give you a challenge for the weeks ahead. Feel free to share your ideas, encouragement, progress, and suggestions in the comments! Read More Positivity Challenge Week 1: Reconnecting With Your Empathy