Graduation – it’s that time of year again

This past week, I had the great fortune to see some truly exceptional young men and women graduate from institutions of learning. I’m not big on ceremonies, but there’s just something so moving, such a sense of closure and optimism, that comes with graduations. Oddly enough, the events seemed tempered by some strange graduation speeches. Read More Graduation – it’s that time of year again

Persephoneconomics: Does Motivation Matter?

I was going to write a post about the basic principles of neoclassical economics and why they have little to no bearing on real life, basically part 879 of Why Republicans Suck Blog 2K11. Instead, because I feel like we might already be a little burned out on that sort of thing and it’s only Wednesday (I KNOW, RIGHT?), I thought maybe I’d talk about things that are a little more fun, and a little less cut and dry: Lady Gaga and pizza. Read More Persephoneconomics: Does Motivation Matter?

Where Have All the Seagulls Gone?

My little corner of the world gets a bad rap, weather-wise. Apart from that freak snowstorm a few years back, this time of year is quite beautiful. Yesterday was especially gorgeous. Since I’ve spent the last week on the couch in a haze of cold medicine and Psych reruns, I decided to get out and enjoy the day while it lasted. Walking around the waterfront listening to the calls of what remains of the seagulls, I was reminded of a hilarious story from when I was in grad school.
Read More Where Have All the Seagulls Gone?