Friday News Bites: #Ferguson Updates, #ALSIceBucketChallenge + More

Goodness, it’s been quite the week for social justice, to understate it. Just when we thought the protesters vs. police  in Ferguson, Missouri, had finally calmed somewhat, law enforcement overreacted again. This and more, after the jump:

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The Ashes Down Under 2013/14: Melbourne and Sydney

… although this could have been anywhere. Both Melbourne and Sydney have their own special place in the Ashes, with the traditional Boxing Day Test in Melbourne becoming part of the series, and Sydney turning pink to raise money for breast cancer awareness, but the cricket could have been played in a field just outside Oenpelli, and it would have made the same impact. Read More The Ashes Down Under 2013/14: Melbourne and Sydney

Admit It: You Totally Get Off On Doing Good

Doing something kind or charitable makes us happy the way food and sexual pleasure make us happy, according to several studies. “Oh, really? What studies?” you may ask. Well, this one, this one, and the ones cited here, for instance. SEVERAL STUDIES. Read More Admit It: You Totally Get Off On Doing Good

Lunchtime Poll – 3/16

Today’s LTP is a little more serious than I usually end up doing, but in light of the disasters in Japan and cuts to essential programs I’ve been thinking a lot about what my fantasy charity would be if I had the means to create one.  Depending on the day, my vision changes all the time.  Recently, it’s been creating more after-school programs, which comes from seeing a lot of kids and teenagers with nothing to do after school and no options available in their neighborhoods.  It would be an amazing after-school program with homework help, and snacks, and games, and sports, and awesome social workers.

So how about you, what is the fantasy charity or program you would like to create if you could? Read More Lunchtime Poll – 3/16