Stickers For Grownups (and for kids)

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I bought some sticker paper a while back and it was the best office supply related purchase I have made in recent memory. Ever since, I have been looking for things that need stickers.  Turns out, it’s everything! And the internet really comes in handy when looking for free downloadable sticker templates. This weekend I bought two inexpensive garbage cans … Read More

Luci FuriousStickers For Grownups (and for kids)

Applesauce + Cinnamon= Easy Ornaments

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So it’s less than a week til Christmas. Maybe your kids are home and the entire family is climbing the walls. Maybe you’ve got $5 left and you still needs something to round out a few gifts. Maybe you’re Christmas tree is nekkid and as a jay bird and needs some holiday cheer. Here’s a project that fits the bill … Read More

[E] Sally J. FreedmanApplesauce + Cinnamon= Easy Ornaments