The Magic 8 Ball of Weekend Ideas

Did you all see this odd/entertaining little website that offers the answer to life’s most pressing question: WTF should I do today? It’s a pretty sweet little tool. I haven’t clicked through every option, but the ones I’ve seen really run the gamut of human experience. Just in case you want your weekend fun to include moderately less profanity and significantly fewer illegal narcotics, I’ve got a few suggestions to add. Think of this as a time warp, but more nostalgia and whimsy and less Tim Curry in a corset. Read More The Magic 8 Ball of Weekend Ideas

Cheap Weekend Fun: Craft Fairs

Guys, I have a confession. I signed up for this slot, thinking I would just do a quick Google of craft fairs, put the links here, and wish you all happy crafting. But, it turns out there is a dearth of websites that list craft fairs. Read More Cheap Weekend Fun: Craft Fairs

Cheap Weekend Fun: Declutter and Cash In

Ah, it’s Friday! It’s been a weird week of extreme good and extreme not-good in my world this week. Anyway, onto the weekend. At the beginning of Lent, I embarked on a 40 Bags in 40 Days challenge, where my goal has been to get rid of at least one bag each day during Lent. It’s an exercise in cutting the clutter to focus on what’s important. How does this translate into cheap weekend fun? Read More Cheap Weekend Fun: Declutter and Cash In

Cheap Weekend Fun: Donating!

Persephone crew, let’s be honest. Most of us check out the Cheap Weekend Fun section as a way to fill our hearts and minds for the very best under five bucks. While times are tight and there’s no better feeling than when you can feel like a millionaire by stretching your dollar as far as it can go, I’m thinking this weekend we can do a cheap weekend fun favor for a few folks who need some serious funds. With some serious crises out and about, one of the best ways we can spend our hard-earned cash this weekend is to help out others. Here is a list of a few places that would love your good nature. Read More Cheap Weekend Fun: Donating!