This Week in Lady Reads

More serious stuff this week than last, but the posts were just too good to pass up. Click on through to read about misgendering raptors, ~*~sarcasm~*~ online, and lots of other cool stuff! Read More This Week in Lady Reads

How to Spot Bad Science

Bad science is, unfortunately, everywhere. Sometimes it results from reporters who don’t understand the story they’re covering and mangle the facts (or who willfully misrepresent findings to twist the story to their own particular worldview). Sometimes people want to make a fast buck, so they lie about the efficacy of their product or service. Sometimes people are just, well, delusional. Here are a few quick things to look out for that may tip you off to the presence of Bad Science. Read More How to Spot Bad Science

Is the Magic Eraser Really Magic?

The obvious answer to that question is “No,” which is mildly unfortunate, because think of how much more money the wizard world could have for upgrading the Floo Network if they were in fact creating and selling these bits of cleaning magic to us Muggle folk. But since it isn’t magic that makes Magic Erasers and other soft foamy scrubbers work so well, what is it? Read More Is the Magic Eraser Really Magic?

What You Need to Know About BPA

Bisphenol A (BPA) has been in the news a lot lately and is found in a surprising number of products we use in our daily lives. Canada, the European Union, and some states and municipalities in the US have banned its use in products for babies and small children, but many people insist that it’s perfectly safe. Should we avoid it, or have the dangers been greatly exaggerated? Let’s take a closer look. Read More What You Need to Know About BPA