Dear Chicks on the Right: It’s Me, Manda

Dear Chicks,

It’s me again! I’ve been trying to avoid you, mostly because you make me angry, but now all the more conservative women I know have been reposting your blog articles and I can’t avoid you. So I just thought I’d clear a couple more things up. I really, really want us to be friends because you probably have really great shoes and I can admire that in a woman. So let me pour you another glass of wine and let’s talk about this article you ran. Read More Dear Chicks on the Right: It’s Me, Manda

“Chicks on the Right” are Wrong

Dear “Chicks on the Right,”

So you want to give conservativism a makeover. Excellent! I love makeovers. Do you KNOW how many episodes of What Not to Wear I’ve watched? Do you know how many teen makeover movies I’ve seen? I have probably viewed She’s All That fifteen times and it is a TERRIBLE movie! I am a sucker for a makeover. So I thought we would be great friends, Chicks. Read More “Chicks on the Right” are Wrong