I Hate Myself For Not Voting

Like Hattie, I also woke up this morning with a political hangover ““ but mine was a little different than hers.  I woke up feeling like I was bearing the weight of liberal apathy on my shoulders.  True Confession time: I didn’t vote yesterday.  I don’t really have an excuse other than simple disillusionment with the process.  Usually I vote absentee in my home state, but I never received an absentee ballot and I never bothered to follow up or register in my current state.  Both my home state and my current state reliably vote democrat and I just counted on everyone else to carry my vote, since it doesn’t feel like my vote counts. Read More I Hate Myself For Not Voting

Is Voting Cool?

I’ve noticed today on Facebook that the election is all anyone can talk about. Many of my friends (Democrats and Republicans alike) have added an “I voted!” icon to their page, and there’s a ticker atop my home page telling me how many Facebook users have done their civic duty so far today (current count: over 9 million!). It got me wondering: is voting cool? Read More Is Voting Cool?