Science News: 9/10/13

Some of the greatest videos you will ever watch are in this week’s edition of science news (and only one of them will make you feel dirty). Plus, we’ve got the latest news from Mars, volcanoes in unexpected places, and P-Mag readers will be excited to learn the identity of the “best living science communicator.” (Spoiler alert — he’s also damn smexy!) Read More Science News: 9/10/13

Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

That isn’t actually a rhetorical question – I’m at the age when many women are experiencing heat waves unrelated to the weather.  But these days it seems like we’re not alone.  So is menopause contagious, or is global warming real?  That one WASN’T rhetorical, because the scientific evidence is overwhelming – not just fluctuations in average temperatures, but melting polar ice caps and rising sea levels are hard to ignore.  At this rate, houses in Fresno will be considered beach-front property before too long. Read More Is It Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?