Revenge Of The (Political) Nerds

Many of the most interesting and accomplished adults I know were nerds in high school, high achievers with inversely proportional social status. Revenge for us usually comes in the form of high school reunions; you know, seeing the head cheerleader who snubbed you suddenly be impressed by your business success. Read More Revenge Of The (Political) Nerds

Rebels Without A Cause (Or A Dictionary)

When I first started publishing my weekly political comedy videos on YouTube, I knew I was tackling some fairly sensitive issues. But I still wasn’t prepared for the deluge of hate comments I would get, calling me horrid names, casting aspersions on my character, and wishing all sorts of misfortune on me. At first I was quite distraught — until I realized that the meaner the comments, the worse the spelling and grammar. Read More Rebels Without A Cause (Or A Dictionary)

This Week in Misogyny is Your Brain on Engineering

Some schools may be on Passover/spring break this week, but misogyny didn’t take the week off. Instead, we’ve learned that young girls think it’s normal to be sexually harassed, that even women who become CEOs aren’t exempt from harassment, and that we shouldn’t try to earn the same wages as men if we ever want to catch a husband. Sigh. At least there’s a new GoldieBlox ad! With a baby chicken! (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny is Your Brain on Engineering