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Do You Have a Work Uniform?

Sometimes getting myself dressed for work seems way harder than it ought to be. Every once in a while, I change clothes three times before leaving the house in the morning, all the while shaking my head at myself: Seriously? You haven’t figured this out yet? The outfit that seemed okay in the morning can suddenly seem really not okay at all by the afternoon: too silly, too sloppy, or too uncomfortable. It also bothers me if I feel like my style choices are all over the place. That’s why I’m feeling really pleased with myself, to the point of smugness, for settling on a work uniform.

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Top Five Tuesday: All in the Details

I have been thinking a lot about clothes lately. I had some issues over the summer and, to make a long story short, I lost a lot of weight and none of my pants fit anymore. To my considerable surprise, it is nearly impossible to find a normal pair of jeans in a store right now. Read More Top Five Tuesday: All in the Details

Best of P-Mag: Crop Tops: My Style Revolution

In December 2011, Lauren sMash and I were on the same wavelength. She wrote this awesome piece about wearing crop tops not long before I wrote my own (warning: shameless self-promotion) piece on the word flattering. I love anything that promotes the idea that we should embrace and dress the body we have, no matter what the fashion powers that be tell us is right. And Lauren does it in this piece with a wonderfully relatable take-no-prisoners attitude. – Liza

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Persephone Pioneers: Sho Sho Esquiro

Sho Sho Esquiro’s clothes are as radiant as she is. A fashion designer, artist, and youth worker, Sho Sho’s work combines her Native American roots with her love of hip hop and intoxicating color. Born and raised in Yukon, Canada, and taking inspiration everywhere from her grandmother to her interest in recycled materials, to call Sho Sho just a fashion designer would only be getting at the tip of the iceberg. Her work has been featured on SWAGG news, Straight.com,  and Indian Country Today and is bound to be making its way to your closet soon. Persephone Magazine, please welcome the innumerably talented and amazing, Sho Sho Esquiro!

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In Fashion, is There Hope for the Hopeless?

Last night after work, I decided to treat myself to a little shopping excursion. With a Visa gift card from my parents (a birthday present) burning a hole in my pocket, and a definite dearth in weather-appropriate garments in my wardrobe, I was feeling optimistic. And then I arrived at the store.

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