Gif Responses for When You Are 100% Done With Everyone

You know those days. Read More Gif Responses for When You Are 100% Done With Everyone

A Real “Whodunnit?” Coming to Television

I have always loved a good mystery. My favorite board game has and always will be Clue (honorable mention: Mall Madness), I used to read Nancy Drew books like they were going out of style, and the greatest episode ever of Saved by the Bell was when Lisa won a murder mystery weekend for the gang. That’s why I am so excited by the news that ABC will soon be airing Whodunnit?, a reality show that basically brings that Saved by the Bell premise to life.  Read More A Real “Whodunnit?” Coming to Television

Movies to Share: “Clue”

Now that our daughter is older, one of the things we really enjoy doing with her is inflicting on her sharing with her the popular culture of our youth. I don’t think she enjoys these share times as much as I wanted her to and she’s taken to plugging into her ipod as soon as we get in the car, but still everyone once in a while, I get to yell “Close that laptop and pay attention to this thing that was created before you were born!” Read More Movies to Share: “Clue”