Dispatches from Ladyblogland

From for-profit colleges to The Babysitters Club, ladyblogs delivered this week.

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What I Watched While Sick

A couple of weeks ago, I got nasty cold. I had no energy to do anything but watch movies. Here’s my evaluation of each movie I watched in terms of its ability to make you not feel like crap but still catch the thread of the movie at the end by the time you’ve fallen asleep in a Nyquil haze.

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What Movies Are Must Watch, No Matter What?

The other day over lunch, my friend and I somehow ended up discussing movies that you absolutely must stop and watch when you find them on television, regardless of whether they just started or were almost over.   Read More What Movies Are Must Watch, No Matter What?

Recapping Fringe

This week the “previously on”¦” focuses on Fauxlivia, and the episode is set in the alternate universe. I’m not too thrilled about that. I know they’re trying to get us invested in the alternaverse so it’s even more tragic when the universes have their final collision, but I want Olivia with Peter and Fauxlivia is just messing that up. Read More Recapping Fringe