Your Weekly European Roundup

Welcome to another week of Euro News! This week: wreckage from the downed AirFrance flight of two years back is finally located, a police officer in Northern Ireland is killed by a car bomb, and an arrest was made in Sweden’s torture/sex chamber case. Read More Your Weekly European Roundup

Bad News: Explaining Current Events to A Kindergartener

I think we can all agree that 2011 has already seen many incredibly shitty things happen in the world. Early in the year, we saw Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords targeted in a mass shooting in which six other people were killed. In the last few weeks, people have been killed in droves in Libya, and Japan has been devastated by a staggering natural disaster. Many sucky things have happened in between. As an adults, the events of early 2011 have been almost too much for many of us to bear. Imagine trying to process all of this as a six-year-old. Read More Bad News: Explaining Current Events to A Kindergartener

Earthquake in Japan: Where to Find News

A massive earthquake hit Japan this morning, leaving many dead, injured or homeless.  For up-to-the-minute coverage and how to help, there’s  a link list after the cut. Read More Earthquake in Japan: Where to Find News

I am NOT overpaid!

Recently, while procrastinating on the internets (my favorite pastime), I ran across this piece of satirical math and it got me thinking about teachers’ salaries.  The author suggests that by paying them as babysitters, teachers would in fact earn more money than they do now.  This fascinated me because of how often we teachers are treated as little more than babysitters by lawmakers, families, and administration. Read More I am NOT overpaid!

What to Make of the Lara Logan Tragedy?

[Trigger warning for violence and sexual assault.] You may have read/heard by now that CBS chief foreign correspondent Lara Logan was attacked in Cairo last week. Read More What to Make of the Lara Logan Tragedy?

The Price of College Athletics

The NCAA, the college athletic regulatory association, estimates annual revenue from college athletics at $10.6 billion dollars.  The athletes driving these profits do not receive compensation for their labor.  Instead, they are provided a free education along with a stipend for room and board.  Many people seem to think this is enough.  It’s not. Read More The Price of College Athletics

Amazon is Apparently Invoking the Fifth Amendment Now

It’s been a few days now, since Amazon was called-out on it’s selling of the e-book which was basically a guide on how-to molest a child. The e-book is not currently available, although no one know’s for sure if it’s been taken down temporarily or permanently. Read More Amazon is Apparently Invoking the Fifth Amendment Now

Live-Blogging(ish) the Election Results

Good evening, readers. Hattie here bringing you the latest on the midterm election results as they come in, starting at 7:00 pm EST. EIC Ophelia, in what she will likely come to consider a bad decision, has given me the keys to the castle for the night. I plan to lower my grammatical and journalistic standards in order to keep the updates coming. Read More Live-Blogging(ish) the Election Results