Dispatches from Ladyblogland

Live through this week and you’ll get some extra special ladyblogland finds.

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Recap: RuPaul’s Drag Race, Episode 5.3, “SpongeRu Squaretuck”

Serena has gone to that Art School in the smug part of town, so we are free, yes, FREE of her, my pretties! As one RuPaul’s Drag Race contestant put it: “Came a mess, left a mess. Hope someone takes a Hoover to that girl and soon, lest her entire being become un-unfuckable. Oh, well.”

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5 Books with Coco

It’s time for 5 Books, where one of our writers, editors or readers tells you what books they’d give to everyone else.  Tonight’s special guest is original Persephone pioneer and cheerleader for women everywhere, Coco. Learn the secrets of Coco’s bookcase after the break. Read More 5 Books with Coco

Learn Zumba Steps

So many of you said you also have just started Zumba or are interested or you’re interested in starting soon.  I’ve only gone twice and at this point there are a lot of times when I am just moving my body in an approximation of the steps the instructor is doing, but I’m not what one would call “dancing.”  I’m still having fun, but I think it would be awesome to feel like I was actually doing the moves.  I figured there would probably be some instructional videos on youtube and there are!  I have scoured through to find the ones that were the best quality and clearest instructions and I bring them to you, friends!

Check these out:

As you can see, Coco’s my girl. You can check out her channel for more stuff, but these were the basic ones I’m going to be using to get started!  A lot of the other zumba videos on youtube were lower quality or videos of classes, but let me know if you have any other basic step videos to share.

Also….they look so simple once you break it down…who feels silly?