Magazine Time Warp: The Ads of 2004

I’ve been digging through and clearing out the stuff I’ve left at my parents house, helping them convert my childhood bedroom into a guest room. I’ve been going through and documenting the things I don’t particularly wish to keep, but wanted to share before they got tossed. Thankfully, between the old notes from middle school, sticker collection, a journal detailing my Hamlet reading from the 11th grade, and mismatched Barbie shoes, a few magazines from the early to mid-2000s survived.

Here are some magazine ads that perfectly sum up the year 2004: Read More Magazine Time Warp: The Ads of 2004

This Week in Misogyny’s Bra Just Popped Open

Because I love you all! (You’ll have to read on to find out what I’m talking about.) Unfortunately, I don’t love most of the news I have to bring you this week. But there is a bit more good stuff than usual! Silver lining. (As usual, trigger warnings for pretty much everything apply.) Read More This Week in Misogyny’s Bra Just Popped Open

Chocolate of the Day: Coca-Cola Cake

I’d like to think of this recipe as a Southern recipe, as in, a recipe that is very much indicative of Southern cooking. Apparently, this was a much-loved recipe at church potlucks when my mom was growing up. Read More Chocolate of the Day: Coca-Cola Cake

Coca-Cola Cake

Imagine the sweetest, chocolatiest, most effervescent cake you can dream up. Make sure it’s moist like a brownie, but fluffy instead of being dense. Add sweet, sort of crystallized icing. Can you picture it? Do you want to just gobble it all up right now? If yes, or if you’re intrigued by the sheer title of the recipe, click through the jump and I shall tell you all about my experiences with Coca-Cola cake. Read More Coca-Cola Cake

Morbid Curiosity Monday: Cola Salad

Earlier this week, a recipe purported to be the original secret recipe for Coca-Cola was revealed by the Chicago radio program This American Life. Coca-Cola has denied that this is their recipe, but who can resist the intrigue? Speaking of intriguing, I’m sure you’re dying to know what strange and wonderful foods can be made with your favorite cola-type beverage. Read More Morbid Curiosity Monday: Cola Salad