Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Comfort Food

I just ordered pizza…again for the third time this week. I might have a problem, well plenty of them. I just get too tired after work to cook. With my wife working later lately, it seems easier to order take out than cook a nice meal for us. I had taken fish out and was going to make rice with it. That will wait until tomorrow. Read More Lunchtime Poll: Favorite Comfort Food

Spicy Comfort Food of the Pinto Variety

I have had a can of pinto beans sitting in my pantry. In true apartment-living style, my pantry is a large cabinet above my microwave, but “pantry” sounds much nicer, though, upon further reflection, I am not sure that a sentence about a can of beans really merits much dressing up. Anyway, I have had this can for a while and while I appreciate the taste of slow cooked dried beans, I do not have the time. Apparently, I also did not have the time for this poor can of beans – until now! Read More Spicy Comfort Food of the Pinto Variety

Comfort Food

I have to write about food. Last week was the Jewish New Year, I’m from New “Yawk,” therefore, I have to “tawk” about food.

I’m not going to write about the countless ways food and fat are related or the countless ways they are not.

I am not going to write about the gross misconception that ALL fat people have an eating disorder.

I am DEFINITELY not going to write about diets, calorie counting or the latest baby bump in the news.

I just want to talk about the food I ate while I was growing up, in all of its glory and schmaltz. Read More Comfort Food

Winter Food to Warm You Up

It’s winter and where I am, that means it’s cold and snowy. This makes me want to curl up and eat what I deem “winter food”–generally something that’s rich, yummy, filling, and frequently cheesy. Things like soups, stews, biscuits, and pasta with beans. The kinds of food that make you feel all warm inside. This weekend, I “winterfied” my favorite Risotto and also tried a new recipe for White Bean Chicken Chili. Both turned out super yummy so I’ve decided to share. One is veggielicious; the other is for the spicy carnivores out there.

Read More Winter Food to Warm You Up

Lasagna For Breakfast?

Man, it has been a hell of a week for me. I have been under an incredible amount of stress; I’m surprised I haven’t already run screaming from the house tearing out my hair and kicking in people’s car windows. To put it in the tinest of nutshells, the following has happened to me this week: Read More Lasagna For Breakfast?