Why Do We Test Things We Already Know?

When the results of new scientific or sociological studies are published, a common response is, “Why in the world did we waste money to study that?” Sometimes it’s because the topic seems so obscure as to have no obvious merit, though within its field it may give invaluable insight or could cast light on other problems in an unexpected way. Other times, the study is testing something that seems like common knowledge, and the results seemingly confirm what everyone knew all along. Why is it so important to perform this sort of research? Read More Why Do We Test Things We Already Know?

“I Am Not Here to Educate You”

I have been known to utter this from time to time. Rage. RAGE! That’s usually the underlying emotion behind the utterance. Read More “I Am Not Here to Educate You”

Eating After Eating Disorder

Trigger warning for frank discussion of food issues and eating disorders.

Recently I read an article listing common eating disorder symptoms that tend to linger long after the major issues are conquered. It really struck a nerve. My major lingering personal hurdle? Juice. Read More Eating After Eating Disorder