The Perils of the Line-Item Veto

Last week, I was in the car on the way home to campus when I heard a short blurb on the radio that made my heart skip a beat. The reporter briefly mentioned that a bill that would grant President Obama the line-item veto passed the House of Representatives. I was floored that such a bill would be passed in the first place; that it wasn’t the top news story; that I hadn’t, in fact, accidentally woken up in 1996 after all. Though there would be limits on this power and the prospect of this bill passing the Senate is comparatively slim, I think the idea of instituting a line-item veto is a HUGE and scary thing that a lot more people should be talking about than there are right now. Read More The Perils of the Line-Item Veto

Democratic Upset in NY-26

Earlier this week, voters in New York’s 26th Congressional District had a special election to fill the seat vacated by shirtless prettyboy Chris Lee. In a startlingly large upset, Democrat Kathy Hochul won despite the Republicans’ huge enrollment advantage. Here’s the scoop on what happened. Read More Democratic Upset in NY-26

Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Anthony Weiner is the Congressional Representative for New York’s 9th District in New York City. He’s an unabashed Democrat and has been gaining notoriety lately for his caustic wit, snarky jibes, and fiery tenacity that he throws at the Republicans on a regular basis. Read More Anthony Weiner’s Greatest Hits

Political Round-Up 2/18/2011: The Gov’mint Wants Your Money, Your Job & Your Womb, Thankyouverymuch

This week I didn’t get to spend much time trolling Huffington Post and Salon and my other favorite liberal-tastic blogs, so when I actually got around to reading the news last night, my jaw basically unhinged itself and crawled underneath my desk and whimpered. Because seriously, what is wrong with America’s political system?! The answer is “lots of things, duh,” but I just want to let that rhetorical question hang in the air a minute. Specifics, below: Read More Political Round-Up 2/18/2011: The Gov’mint Wants Your Money, Your Job & Your Womb, Thankyouverymuch