The Numbers Don’t Lie (Except When They Do)

They say the numbers don’t lie, but there are all kinds of ways to distort the truth using numbers that might even be technically correct.  Read More The Numbers Don’t Lie (Except When They Do)

What I Watched Last Night: The State Within

Continuing on with my miniseries kick as of late, over a few nights, I watched the seven installments of the BBC drama The State Within. The story can feel a little convoluted at times, but overall, it’s a good production.

Read More What I Watched Last Night: The State Within

How to Spot Bad Science

Bad science is, unfortunately, everywhere. Sometimes it results from reporters who don’t understand the story they’re covering and mangle the facts (or who willfully misrepresent findings to twist the story to their own particular worldview). Sometimes people want to make a fast buck, so they lie about the efficacy of their product or service. Sometimes people are just, well, delusional. Here are a few quick things to look out for that may tip you off to the presence of Bad Science. Read More How to Spot Bad Science

We Try It!: Fair Game

As soon as I saw a trailer for Fair Game, I knew I had to see the movie because it combines all my favorite spy tropes: an intelligent heroine, government corruption, a cock-eyed conspiracy theory that turns out to be true, and bureaucratic a-holes. Read More We Try It!: Fair Game