Persephone Pioneers: Eisa Jocson

I had the pleasure of chatting with performance artist from the Philippines, Eisa Jocson, who is a featured artist at this year’s Time-Based Art Festival presented by the Portland Institute for Contemporary Art. As a Filipina myself and as person who is aspiring for a career in researching gender and sexuality (in the academe or outside), Eisa’s work completely fascinates me. Her two pieces that she is performing at this year’s TBA Fest are titled “Death of the Pole Dancer” and “Macho Dancer.” Both pieces are loaded with questions and thoughts around gender presentation, body politics, and space. Read More Persephone Pioneers: Eisa Jocson

Hirst, Butterflies, and Why I Write About Art

There’s been a little ruffle of consternation about Damien Hirst’s recent retrospective at the Tate Modern lately. Reading about it has basically confirmed everything I have ever thought about why people need to be better informed about the arts. Read More Hirst, Butterflies, and Why I Write About Art

What’s the Deal With Modern and Contemporary Art?

If I had a nickel for every time I’ve heard, “I/My kid could paint that!” while sitting in a museum, I would probably have enough for a long distance call on a pay phone that would last several minutes. This is of course assuming I lived in an alternate universe where pay phones still existed. Look, I get it, sometimes the stuff they hang in galleries and museums is a little hard to understand, but it is there for a reason. In the interest of saving my ear from the comments of those who think that art that looks a bit simple does not require skill and for the sake of diffusing useful knowledge, I’m starting a series of articles on breaking down modern and contemporary art into understandable chunks. Read More What’s the Deal With Modern and Contemporary Art?