Back to Basics: Chocolate Chip Cookies

After raising the bar with a rather complicated recipe last week, I thought I’d keep things simple during the week in which we stare Christmas in the face. While the glut of Christmas treats and star-shaped sugar cookies is wonderful, there’s something so classically comforting about chocolate cookies and a glass of milk on a chilly winter night. Read More Back to Basics: Chocolate Chip Cookies

Applesauce + Cinnamon= Easy Ornaments

So it’s less than a week til Christmas.

Maybe your kids are home and the entire family is climbing the walls.

Maybe you’ve got $5 left and you still needs something to round out a few gifts.

Maybe you’re Christmas tree is nekkid and as a jay bird and needs some holiday cheer.

Here’s a project that fits the bill on all counts: Applesauce Cinnamon Ornamements.

Read More Applesauce + Cinnamon= Easy Ornaments

Cookie Cutters for Dummies

I am proudly a really crappy cook, but I can bake to beat the band.  There’s something about the precision of baking I really enjoy, how it takes just the right amount of very specific ingredients to create a perfect baked treat.  I have certain strengths as an improvisational writer, but in the kitchen I need a plan. Read More Cookie Cutters for Dummies